Portrait of the Artist ~ Leslie Lambert-Mason
Leslie Lambert-Mason

Leslie Lambert-Mason likes to play and twist her mental mish-mash all over her canvases until they leak out and explode in a wonderful colorful sandwich. Leslie uses art to feel a sense of control over the chaotic world around her. She has worked in multiple areas in the art field such as advertising, marketing,  screen print, fine art and photography.  She is a graduate of the American Academy of Art in Chicago, Illinois and lives with her husband who is a fellow graduate.

During her free time other than creating fine art she enjoys making hats, jewelry, antiquing, going to concerts, singing, cooking, dancing anywhere with or without music, playing dress up,  geeking out with her Steampunk friends and hosting dinner parties.


3 thoughts on “About”

  1. I love how you describe your work process – wonderful!
    Many years ago, I travelled to Indiana at least twice a year for work – I was in the publishing business and we had to oversee our pages run through the presses at RR Donnelly, in Crawfordsville – I remember how hospitable the people were…

      1. I don’t know if generalizing is bad – but I think the closer you get to any tightly woven urban area/city the more quickly people become unravelled 🙂

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