Oddity Steampunk inspired piece

When I create a piece of jewelry or a collage piece it can be a huge cluster mess. As you can see I am searching for a plan over here.

988459_10152353533884321_8494524407585830474_nI just take pieces out of my well organized drawers, only to find pieces that might go together and then I throw them in a pile.

I start stacking them or moving them around until something sticks. I have decided that I am going to use that eyeball that is sitting on top of the open pocket watch as well as that molar. The molar is from my friends mouth. He had it pulled and gave it to me years ago so I am going to finally use it.

10277594_10152354563594321_527459355686671324_nHere is the plan so far. I had an idea when I woke up that I wanted wings to be involved in this image.  The center piece will be an oval trough of sorts that I can fill with resin and the tooth. I added some gears because it looks a little steampunk. The gears have the appearance “hopefully” that they are to function to move the wings. However the wings are fixed objects.

I used to like gears for gears sake when I first realized that some of my artwork was “steampunkish” and I never had a name for it. Now as I progress, I like to think the gears provide an image of movement as a purpose and not just as an embellishment.

Just look up this search on you tube and watch the music video. It kind of describes what I am saying.

Just Glue Some Gears On It (And Call It Steampunk)


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