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All Together Now ~ Postcard Swap #2

All Together Now 5x6 on watercolor cold block Watercolor and Ink 2014
All Together Now
5×6 on watercolor cold block
Watercolor and Ink










Sail the ship, Chop the tree, Skip the rope, Look at me, All together now ~ The Beatles

This was created for Postcard Swap #2  ran by a fellow artist friend .  Postcard size art is a little less constraining than the Artist Trading Cards. I have enjoyed both but I honestly like this size better. It gives me more room to drool everywhere.

I don’t even know where I start with these really. I do not have a plan and just let the paint speak to me. I think on these I feel the most crazy at times because I need to let go of the fear of making a mistake. I mean it’s abstract! You can mess up an eyeball if you are going for realism and your pen makes a huge inky splotch mess on the paper. There is no coming back from that.

I do not draw out any of the elements beforehand so I just start with painting and hoping that the design looks interesting. The funny thing is that sometimes I do not like my under painting at all. Then I draw on it and fall in love.