Steampunk Necklace and Box

IMG_5467A friend of mine wanted to get his wifey something awesome for their 10 year anniversary!! I made a super cool necklace/choker for her. After making the choker I felt like it needed to be displayed extra special!

Let me start off by explaining that I DO NOT SEW but I made a little heart shaped pillow for the necklace to be rested on. I also decorated this awesome cardboard box I bought from Jo-Anne’s Fabrics. I painted the box gold and then “dirtied” it up with acrylic paint. I used a block stamp that had these circles all over it and colored in random dots with red ink. Lastly I glued on typewriter keys. I think it turned out awesome!


Here are a few more images of the cute box, I almost wanted to keep it!! I painted the sides of the box with stripes too.

IMG_5464 IMG_5465


October is upon us ~ Things that go bump in the night…

I took a break from all the art I have been creating to send some submissions for a Halloween show at one of the local galleries I show at often. I have been off work, trying to get better… I do not post that often as I only can stand being on the computer for so long and then I get dizzy. Sometimes these posts are typed by my hubby as I am sitting on the couch, he’s a good secretary.

I have been doing art to keep me from going crazy. I really want to get back to work already! The good thing however, is that I have been able to focus on art AND also to heal from my injury without all the stress of work.

I worked on this piece first and I call it “A Light in the Darkness”, it was actually a little figure I call Freddie Pie from an old sketchbook of mine. I think he’s cute and somewhat reminds me of The Addams Family character Pugsly. Though he is a lil’ dead boy he gets scared in the dark. He just turned on his “batty go nighty” night light and is going to get ready for bed in his deadsy bunny slippers.

A Light in the darkness- Ink and Prismacolor 2014
A Light in the darkness- Ink and Prismacolor 2014


I have some figures I have been working on, well figures in my style as I am not really that good at drawing real people. I can do it but just do not really like to. I spent a long time in art school drawing real people so I could break the rules and do what I want. The show I submitted to was called “Zombie Apocalypse” first but they didn’t have so many submissions and changed the idea. This idea came from the Zombie thought. I really love watching The Walking Dead, but of course their Zombies are really yucky and I am quite certain they smell like a combination of rot, poop, garbage and everything else nasty in this world. My Zombies would not smell nice I am sure… but would not smell as bad as the “Walkers”. I call this piece “Midnight Snack”

Midnight Snack- Ink and Prismacolor
Midnight Snack- Ink and Prismacolor 2014


I think I might do a few more of these Zombies, hopefully in time for Halloween. I feel like these need some flies buzzing around. This next one made me laugh because Zombies are always looking for “Braaaaains!!!” I call this “Victorious!” because the Zombie has found not one, but two delicious brains to much on.

Victorious - Ink and Prismacolor 2014
Victorious – Ink and Prismacolor 2014

I think he’s rather adorable! Honestly though, I posted these on Facebook and I had a lot of interest from T-Shirts to coloring books. I think at some point when I can stand being on the computer for a longer period of time I will work on that. My friend said that her kid saw these and wanted her to print them out immediately so he could color them.

I should warn you, the piece that you are about to see is NOT cute! I almost sent this for the submission but since families come into this community gallery I thought I would avoid it. A few years ago I decided I was sick of dressing in the “sexy” (slutty *cough*) outfits and I wanted to do something scary. I did my own makeup.
If you want to look freaky like this, you do need the creepy white-out contacts. I used eyelash glue for my rotten skin. Just layer it on thick in some areas but smooth out the edges. Once it is 100% dry… put on your foundation and then a little green powder over the top (not the sparkly stuff). Take a toothpick and use it to tear the eyelash glue to make wounds. After that I used a paintbrush to paint in the blood, even going under the eyelash glue to make it look really good.

I also used red eyeshadow and tapped it lightly around my eyes and lips. I do naturally have one crooked tooth, yep it’s there on the bottom left. I took black frosting and swished it around in my mouth for a bit to get that nasty/lovely mouth rot.

People reacted crazy when they saw me, some people were generally freaked out but most of the guys thought it was “freaking badass” and I got A LOT of attention. My hubby thought it was great that I got more attention than the half-dressed chicks. Everyone wanted to take a picture of me or with me!

The Artist, Risen Again
The Artist, Risen Again 2012

Smiling my face off on a dreary day

So I had entered 3 pieces of work into a Salon show at South Shore Arts here in Indiana. I had been told it was not easy to get work into and I was a little reluctant to try it. I really hit a low point in my career when I didn’t get a grant I applied for. Of course that was my first grant application AND to be honest I had been drawing and painting here and there but nothing too serious. Now that I got that rejection I have been working my butt off!

I entered 3 pieces into this show. One was the Ozymandias Breaking Bad, Portrait of Walter White Box. However it did not make it in. I saw my paper that said rejected and my heart fell.

for the Portrait show at Studio 659
Ozymandias a portrait of Walter White

I entered a piece similar to this, but it did not have the bubbles and it also did not get in. The word REJECTED seemed to shine off of the paper.

THEN LAST BUT NOT LEAST…. ACCEPTED!!! I almost fell over and had to look at it again to make sure it wasn’t a lie. This was actually the last piece I thought would make it. One of the X-Professors from the American Academy of Art in Chicago helped me pick out the pieces. I like this piece but felt it might piss people off. It is American Love Story from a show called Bad Business that I did earlier in the year. I did a blog post about it here.


I didn’t know how exclusive of a show this really was as I had 2 other friends get in. I am not saying that they are not amazing, it is just that I didn’t really understand the extent. I did meet a few people lately that seemed a little sore that they did not get in. They had really nice work too… everything depends on what the Juror is looking for.

I dropped off my stuff today and found that the gallery was already exploding with amazing pieces of art!! I really feel fortunate to be among them as I look around. Honestly I feel like I might have just been the last one they accepted and maybe my piece was just 10% better than someone else’s work.  Should you be someone that reads my blog you might notice I am not an artist with a HUGE ego that fills a museum. I am really humble and wonder if my work is as good as anyone elses. I even get excited every time I sell a piece and do a happy dance. My stuff is priced to move though and can range from $30.00 – $500.00.

I talked to the curator today and she said that out of over 300 entries only 65 got in. Only 15 will get awards and I do not count on winning any money but I am still glad to be counted to be in this show.