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Art for Therapy

So lately I have been really painting a lot. I have really turned up the fire and I know it is mainly because I am still off work.  I will be getting some more therapy soon, hopefully. The doctor with the second opinion said that we were not treating a few of the problems that are creating issues. One of the main problems is ocular and that is why after a short amount of time I start to feel sick looking at this big computer screen. For some reason my phone doesn’t bother me much but I am thinking it is because the device is little and my eyes do not have to do much work. At least I can walk around without sunglasses now, as I literally wore them for months!

Art is therapy for me I swear and it is keeping me from going stir crazy! So after all my rambling, how about we get to some of my recent abstract pieces!

I really hope you like them!!! As always, if you would like to purchase my art, let me know! I am always really reasonable as I feel art is to be owned by others!!!

Reaching for the Light Watercolor 8x10
Reaching for the Light
Watercolor 8×10
Feathers  8x10 Watercolor
8×10 Watercolor
Awakening 8x10 Watercolor
8×10 Watercolor
Gestation of Light 8x10 watercolor
Gestation of Light
8×10 watercolor
Summer Light Form 8x10 Watercolor
Summer Light Form
8×10 Watercolor
Blades of Grass 8x10 Watercolor
Blades of Grass
8×10 Watercolor

Relating an Abstract to Actual Figure

I have spent my time off of work in deep contemplation about my life and my art and the direction I want to go. Now that I am feeling much better I have been trying to spend more time on the computer because it seems to be the last roadblock.  I start to feel ill after looking at the screen for too long, so this is why I do not post all the time. That little life bit being said…

10292277_10152408709344321_7299994491682587602_nThe Sounds of Color

I am searching out the feelings that abstraction brings out. For me there has been so much focus on line and color. How does the paint move me and what feeling does it invoke?

While working on art I like to typically listen to music. I feel there is definitely a soundtrack to my work (life too). I worked in silence on this piece. I focused on the actual sound that the paintbrush makes when you shake the brush off in water in a glass. There is a sound the paintbrush makes when you drag it across the paper and even when you mix your paint. I found it to be so relaxing and I feel as if I was really in tune with the work.

Abstract to Solid Imagery

There are plenty of artists that work from real imagery and then produce the abstraction. When you look at a real tree and then an abstract artist rendering of the same tree, there are relations to look at.

In my work and exploration I paint the abstract  first. There is a color palette that forms and awakens ideas for further interpretation. I also  become interested in the shapes that the free fluid movements produce. There is a story that needs to have form.

2Using the image above I felt this was one of the stories to come to life.  The color combinations came together like fire and ice. The feminine shapes created circular and flowing lines.

I showed these images to another artist that shows his work in large venues and he felt that the pieces needed to be painted MUCH larger than contained in my sketchbook. They should be shown side by side and he said that much of my work is the same way.



Happy Little Tree

happy treeSo this week I did a little shopping with my mom to get me out of my place. I am trying to do some normal things so that I will be ready to go back to work which will hopefully be soon. Painting has really helped me to not get crazy bored.

At Michael’s Crafts I got a watercolor sketchbook that was regularly $32 for $7, go me! I tried to see if the deal was also online to give you the link but they were sold out.

The first image I painted was this tree. Sometimes it amazes me that I can really get down on myself for a watercolor painting.  I do not feel I can really paint nature that well, but when I lay down ink on top of it the image changes! Much more life is brought into the image and something I feel I messed up I now love. Does that happen to anyone else? Is there something you do to a painting (you think is a disaster) in the end that makes you look at it with pride? Throw me a comment, let me know!

Guardian Angel

Angel of God my guardian dear,
To whom God’s love commits me here,
Ever this day be at my side,
To light and guard, Rule and guide. Amen.

Guardian Angel Icon Watercolor, Gouache and Gold Leaf 8x10 2014
Guardian Angel Icon
Watercolor, Gouache and Gold Leaf

I have been ill for some time now with a concussion but my cousin’s baby shower is coming up and I wanted to paint her something special. I love her very much and I am so happy for her that she gets the privilege to be a mom. I am excited to meet her little baby girl that will be my second cousin.

I have painted small icons before (St. Benedict and St. Francis) but I painted this one quite larger. The smaller ones were on handmade paper from quite some time ago. I know this isn’t  a traditionally painted icon but I think it is still pretty.

It took me quite some time to make this since I had to break for the onslaught of headaches (from the concussion) and nausea. If I sit around and do nothing all day long I would go quite mad. I paint when I can as it is relaxing.

I decided to paint an angel for her because I remember a picture I had for quite some time when I was growing up which you can see below. It makes me think of my little brother and I.

Guardian angel, German postcard, 1900
Guardian angel, German postcard, 1900

It also makes me think of the times when I was scared as a little one. I had terrible nightmares as a child that I couldn’t even preclude into adulthood. When I was young the only thing that made me feel safe was being “protected” by religion.  I had to have a rosary under my pillow and would say some prayers including the guardian angel prayer written above.  I would also sometimes say a derivative of the prayer…

Five little angels round my bed. One to the foot and one to the head. One to sing and one to pray, and one to take my sins away. Amen.

The only issue being that I could never quite remember it so I would just ask God to place 5 angels at my bedside. I would say “Please send me 5 angels, 2 at my feet, 2 at my head and one at my heart to hold instead”, which was the only thing I could think of to rhyme with ‘head’ other than ‘dead’.  This did not seem like a good option as you can imagine.

I am hoping that this image lovingly painted by a family member will help her feel as safe as I did when I knew there was an angel watching over me.