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October is upon us ~ Things that go bump in the night…

I took a break from all the art I have been creating to send some submissions for a Halloween show at one of the local galleries I show at often. I have been off work, trying to get better… I do not post that often as I only can stand being on the computer for so long and then I get dizzy. Sometimes these posts are typed by my hubby as I am sitting on the couch, he’s a good secretary.

I have been doing art to keep me from going crazy. I really want to get back to work already! The good thing however, is that I have been able to focus on art AND also to heal from my injury without all the stress of work.

I worked on this piece first and I call it “A Light in the Darkness”, it was actually a little figure I call Freddie Pie from an old sketchbook of mine. I think he’s cute and somewhat reminds me of The Addams Family character Pugsly. Though he is a lil’ dead boy he gets scared in the dark. He just turned on his “batty go nighty” night light and is going to get ready for bed in his deadsy bunny slippers.

A Light in the darkness- Ink and Prismacolor 2014
A Light in the darkness- Ink and Prismacolor 2014


I have some figures I have been working on, well figures in my style as I am not really that good at drawing real people. I can do it but just do not really like to. I spent a long time in art school drawing real people so I could break the rules and do what I want. The show I submitted to was called “Zombie Apocalypse” first but they didn’t have so many submissions and changed the idea. This idea came from the Zombie thought. I really love watching The Walking Dead, but of course their Zombies are really yucky and I am quite certain they smell like a combination of rot, poop, garbage and everything else nasty in this world. My Zombies would not smell nice I am sure… but would not smell as bad as the “Walkers”. I call this piece “Midnight Snack”

Midnight Snack- Ink and Prismacolor
Midnight Snack- Ink and Prismacolor 2014


I think I might do a few more of these Zombies, hopefully in time for Halloween. I feel like these need some flies buzzing around. This next one made me laugh because Zombies are always looking for “Braaaaains!!!” I call this “Victorious!” because the Zombie has found not one, but two delicious brains to much on.

Victorious - Ink and Prismacolor 2014
Victorious – Ink and Prismacolor 2014

I think he’s rather adorable! Honestly though, I posted these on Facebook and I had a lot of interest from T-Shirts to coloring books. I think at some point when I can stand being on the computer for a longer period of time I will work on that. My friend said that her kid saw these and wanted her to print them out immediately so he could color them.

I should warn you, the piece that you are about to see is NOT cute! I almost sent this for the submission but since families come into this community gallery I thought I would avoid it. A few years ago I decided I was sick of dressing in the “sexy” (slutty *cough*) outfits and I wanted to do something scary. I did my own makeup.
If you want to look freaky like this, you do need the creepy white-out contacts. I used eyelash glue for my rotten skin. Just layer it on thick in some areas but smooth out the edges. Once it is 100% dry… put on your foundation and then a little green powder over the top (not the sparkly stuff). Take a toothpick and use it to tear the eyelash glue to make wounds. After that I used a paintbrush to paint in the blood, even going under the eyelash glue to make it look really good.

I also used red eyeshadow and tapped it lightly around my eyes and lips. I do naturally have one crooked tooth, yep it’s there on the bottom left. I took black frosting and swished it around in my mouth for a bit to get that nasty/lovely mouth rot.

People reacted crazy when they saw me, some people were generally freaked out but most of the guys thought it was “freaking badass” and I got A LOT of attention. My hubby thought it was great that I got more attention than the half-dressed chicks. Everyone wanted to take a picture of me or with me!

The Artist, Risen Again
The Artist, Risen Again 2012

The Traveler (working title…)

Untitled-1I just finished this piece yesterday and I am rather pleased with it. It is mixed media and I used acrylic, sharpie and paper ephemera.

Am I done? I don’t know yet. I think if this piece is “completed” it is actually going to be a part of a series. I feel there is more story here than this one canvas.

I posted this on my Facebook fan page
 and I was pleased to see what people said…

“…like maybe she was a being that was once made up entirely of light, but she gave it all away to others who she thought needed it more. And now all that’s left is bones and brain, and she’s about to give up the last of her light.

I see worry…like, the person is striving to keep the fire lit, putting part of their inner energy to fuel the candle.

It makes me think of a mechanical being/robot fighting the realization that they have no soul and trying to compensate for it.

“…I see a person overthinking – the brain/thought bubble – but they keep on pushing through the darkness anyway because they’ve got a nice big light to lead them”

I see a human searching for the eternal flame


What does this make you think or feel when you look at it. What story does it tell you?

I am still working on the title as it seems that I always have problems coming up with those. Are any of you artists? Is there a master plan for a title? What helps you?

Are you a Hypnotist?- Inspired by The Flaming Lips

waving your powers around... final image
waving your powers around… final image

I am doing a music series of songs that give me great emotion. This song is called “Are you a Hypnotist?” and it is from a band called The Flaming Lips. One of their most popular songs are “Do you Realize?” or at least that is what I have been told by people that only know that one song.

I decided to have a bit of a Buddhist inspiration for this piece (very slight). Religion and faith in general are themes I really enjoy. All religions have rich history, and while I consider myself to be Christian I do not have my head in the sand. I have friends of all faiths and I respect their personal decision and I enjoy learning about them.

Buddhist imagery is really beautiful so I incorporated a lotus flower in the image at the bottom. Lotus flowers have several meanings.

In a relationship, it is normally used to mean being totally in love with someone and being forgetful of all that has happened in the past between you. It is also used in Asian religions especially in India to represent awakening to the spiritual reality of life.


I feel it represents the song. The lyrics of this song are…

I had forgiven you for tricking me again
But I have been tricked again –
Into forgiving you –
What is this?? Are you some kind of hypnotist??
Waving your powers around – the sun eclipse behind the cloud…

I thought I recognized your face
Amongst all of those strangers –
But I am the stranger now
Amongst all of the recognized
What is this?? Are you some kind of hypnotist??
Waving your powers around – the sun eclipse behind the cloud

I feel the song represents a relationship in the sense that the relationship on one end might not have been truthful or valid. The main character in the song is forgiving and longs for his/her love to be true. He/she thought that he really knew this person but they are good at hiding their true self. Honestly it happens in relationships, when they start everything is beautiful and everyone puts on their best ‘face’. People’s true colors do show themselves after time.

I love the swirly design of my clouds because I feel it almost represents the power waving around. The color burst in the background is the sun being eclipsed. Our main character is off to the side and his love is in the crowd surrounded by 5 other ‘people’.

I thought I recognized your face Amongst all of those strangers- Starting outlines
I thought I recognized your face
Amongst all of those strangers- Starting outlines

Pencil drawings are important to me, and I usually start my idea with a really primitive sketch on a scrap of paper. It gives me a plan on how to fill the space. After my plan I flesh out the basic outlines in pencil and then draw my dark outlines.

Next I add texture to the images, background and later maybe some hint of color.

Are you some kind of hypnotist? Outlines
Are you some kind of hypnotist? Outlines



Bulletproof, I wish I was…

Music can be so inspirational and I have always felt it can help you through those times where you just do not know if you will make it. Being at home with an injury for so long it really brings little things in your life front and center. There is no work to bury yourself in because it is all about getting better.

Bulletproof final image
Bulletproof final image

So that is where I have been these past few months. Getting better but I have been focused on my body that is hurting and still is not normal. I have avoided the internet as much as possible, as well as television to give my mind a rest. All I have are thoughts. I started giving myself time here and there to draw because if I didn’t I would have went insane.

What would normally take me a small amount of time took forever! This piece is 16×20 and took more than 4 days to work through. I decided to do a piece on one of my favorite songs from a band called Radiohead.

Untitled-3The lyrics played a lot in my mind.  This was my starting idea for this image based on the lyrics

Wax me
Mould me
Heat the pins and stab them in

I wanted to show stakes at different angles that would almost point violently at the subject. The images almost seeming to melt in areas.  I did put some bullet holes in the imagery as the being wishes they were bulletproof but they are not. I used some design idea here that makes it appear there are teeth all over the image. In the song the lyrics really stood out to me.

Limb by limb and tooth by tooth, tearing up inside of me

This is the basic outline of my design before I started adding texture and coloring in the image. I added text in the background in the completed image. I did it also to add a texture and some dimension.

Untitled-1When I start most of my artwork I like having some form of a plan down first.

This song really speaks to me. It makes me think of someone who has been battered or even bullied a bit wishing they could be a larger force and not so easy to destroy. They have let others tear them down and at the same time they are upset because they have allowed people to do that to them.