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Abstraction and Free Association

I have done many abstract pieces but lately I feel that I need to up my game and take things to a new level. I need to practice and play and allow myself to almost approach things as a child. I need to be real and not over think abstraction. I need to treat abstract art almost as a free association but it is not an easy task.

There is another call for art out for an Abstract show and I do have time to really work on something and develop it a bit. Originally I had an idea in my head that I would prepare a canvas to make it appear as it was ripped open and there would be a fantastic red on the inside. The outside would have very natural colors. I do not have a meaning for this that I know of but it must be on a subconscious level. I seem to enjoy art and ideas where things are ripped away to expose the layers. Untitled-2I painted this in watercolor to solidify my idea. In the night I had a strong image of this piece and I saw a backwards #5 as well as circular rings. I decided to use these colors that I didn’t feel that would work well on this play piece. There is something interesting about the colors. I couldn’t figure out where I was seeing this image of the circles in this color from until today. Something about the red and that blue and the circles makes me think of an old comic called Tank Girl. This idea is contrived though because I imagined it and planned it in my head and then put it to paper. Is that a true abstraction?

I took out a clean sheet of paper and decided to work with only one color, Ocher. That was the plan but it eventually became a 3 color piece with white as the background shining through.

10325569_10152387204534321_5649925745768856240_nThis piece was completely real. No plan, vision or idea in my mind, just a paintbrush on my paper. I listened in quiet to the sound of my brush gliding on the paper. The way I clean my brushes in a water glass and the sound of my brush clinking against the wall. I plan on doing more of these as a study and then I will go from there to paint on canvas. The thought of Free Association makes me nervous as I am usually a woman with a major plan. I think of what I want to paint and come up with a major idea in my head. I just do it and pray that I do not mess up and hope my idea works. I feel like it does but something is missing.