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It could be about, I don’t know… 20% cuter?

I used to do dark artwork and sometimes I still do but my heart is not in a depressed state anymore. I think that after I met my husband and fell head over heels in love my whole perspective on life changed. That is the interesting thing about art, it grows, it changes and reflects your mood at times. Your skill changes through the years so your style does as well. It’s funny because I do not think that my darker art and my style now look the same at all but people that have seen all of my styles say that is has changed greatly!

Sold at my Pop Art Show 2013 watercolor and ink
Sold at my Pop Art Show 2013
watercolor and ink

I have been doing some swirly abstract art for some time now but I decided that I could keep the swirls but change them into people or landscape portraits. The piece above is called The Menagerie and people at my show really liked it. There were 3 people looking to purchase it. That made me happy and I know I am taking a step in the right direction.

I plan on doing much more cute artwork. As a matter of fact, something major has come to my attention recently. There is a little boy named Michael Morones that is only 11 and lives in North Carolina… he tried to commit suicide after being bullied for liking My Little Pony, Friendship Is Magic. He’s freaking 11 people! I think kids and even males in general should not be judged for liking what is considered to be a girl’s show.

When I was younger and even now I love watching ‘guys’ cartoons such as Thundercats, He-Man, X-Men, Transformers etc. No one picked on me for it but if a boy watches a girl cartoon holy heck breaks loose!

I want to do something. I thought about ordering a My Little Pony blank pony from Amazon and make a Steampunk Pony and auction it. All proceeds to the child’s family (he’s still alive but with a feeding tube) to help with medial bills. I could do a painting? Still trying to decide. I did find this project called Art for Michael and some of the artwork is so amazing! I do not know if I could do as well as some of the artists but that isn’t the point. Making something to make someone else happy is the point. I will post images of what I decide to do.