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Update! I missed blogging…

Construction (excerpt) mixed media 18x24 2015 $250.00
Construction (excerpt) mixed media 18×24 2015 $250.00

I prepared 2 pieces of work for a show called Wild Sex, Burning Money and Exploding Heads and an excerpt of one of my pieces are shown above. It has been a really busy few months so I have not been able to update as often as I would have liked to.

The Spark (Genesis)  2015 8x10
The Spark (Genesis)
2015 8×10

January was a live art show at Studio 659 in Whiting, Indiana. It was a lot of fun and I worked on a collaborative piece with my husband Clinton. This is a square image of it but it is actually an 8×10, this was off of my Instagram account – theartofleslielambert it is called The Spark (Genesis) and was actually featured on an artistic share page. I got over 600 likes on that page and it felt wonderful. I also participated in a postcard swap and that was SO MUCH FUN.
EXTRA BONUS– I did end up winning 1st place in the Creative Live jewelry competition!

2015 NWI Comic Con
2015 NWI Comic Con

February was one busy month! Last minute I got a booth at the Northwest Indiana Comic Con because I am crazy! My booth was small and pictured above is right after I set up. I sold prints, necklaces, wands, potions and of course original art! I LOVED doing this show and talking with all the fans of my favorite fandoms. I loved seeing the cosplay! There were a few issues with the booth but honestly I think I am going to make a blog post about doing shows! Info to help others and really drill it into my own head as well!

Last weekend was Hunt and Gather, one of my favorite events by the way. It is a pop up market filled with Art, Jewelry, Antiques, Artisan Foods and so much more coolness under one roof!

Coming up I have a few things that I need to nail down, but this week it was ALL ABOUT REST!!! Honestly if you burn candles at both ends you will lose it.

I have to make 30 ATCs for a swap (fun!)
Art for a show that I do not know much about but it is going to be called BIG MONSTERS or something like that
Wild Sex, Burning Money show….
My ongoing art classes with the amazing Tom Torluemke
Studio Night with the South Lake Artists Co-op
I am joining in a book group for the book The Artist’s Way
AND… going to teach a Bottles and Brushes class!


The Traveler (working title…)

Untitled-1I just finished this piece yesterday and I am rather pleased with it. It is mixed media and I used acrylic, sharpie and paper ephemera.

Am I done? I don’t know yet. I think if this piece is “completed” it is actually going to be a part of a series. I feel there is more story here than this one canvas.

I posted this on my Facebook fan page
 and I was pleased to see what people said…

“…like maybe she was a being that was once made up entirely of light, but she gave it all away to others who she thought needed it more. And now all that’s left is bones and brain, and she’s about to give up the last of her light.

I see worry…like, the person is striving to keep the fire lit, putting part of their inner energy to fuel the candle.

It makes me think of a mechanical being/robot fighting the realization that they have no soul and trying to compensate for it.

“…I see a person overthinking – the brain/thought bubble – but they keep on pushing through the darkness anyway because they’ve got a nice big light to lead them”

I see a human searching for the eternal flame


What does this make you think or feel when you look at it. What story does it tell you?

I am still working on the title as it seems that I always have problems coming up with those. Are any of you artists? Is there a master plan for a title? What helps you?

Facebook Giveaway


Untitled-2I’m giving away a watercolor as I have reached over 250 likes (the next contest will be at 500 likes). This piece is 14.5 x 22.5 inches on archival paper with deckled edges and was created with watercolor and ink.


1. Like my Page (if you haven’t already)

2. Find the post that has this image and the rules and share it. 🙂

You can enter once a day for a week! The winner will be drawn on Monday August 25, 2014 at 6:00 pm!!! Thank you so much!!!


Art for Therapy

So lately I have been really painting a lot. I have really turned up the fire and I know it is mainly because I am still off work.  I will be getting some more therapy soon, hopefully. The doctor with the second opinion said that we were not treating a few of the problems that are creating issues. One of the main problems is ocular and that is why after a short amount of time I start to feel sick looking at this big computer screen. For some reason my phone doesn’t bother me much but I am thinking it is because the device is little and my eyes do not have to do much work. At least I can walk around without sunglasses now, as I literally wore them for months!

Art is therapy for me I swear and it is keeping me from going stir crazy! So after all my rambling, how about we get to some of my recent abstract pieces!

I really hope you like them!!! As always, if you would like to purchase my art, let me know! I am always really reasonable as I feel art is to be owned by others!!!

Reaching for the Light Watercolor 8x10
Reaching for the Light
Watercolor 8×10
Feathers  8x10 Watercolor
8×10 Watercolor
Awakening 8x10 Watercolor
8×10 Watercolor
Gestation of Light 8x10 watercolor
Gestation of Light
8×10 watercolor
Summer Light Form 8x10 Watercolor
Summer Light Form
8×10 Watercolor
Blades of Grass 8x10 Watercolor
Blades of Grass
8×10 Watercolor

Relating an Abstract to Actual Figure

I have spent my time off of work in deep contemplation about my life and my art and the direction I want to go. Now that I am feeling much better I have been trying to spend more time on the computer because it seems to be the last roadblock.  I start to feel ill after looking at the screen for too long, so this is why I do not post all the time. That little life bit being said…

10292277_10152408709344321_7299994491682587602_nThe Sounds of Color

I am searching out the feelings that abstraction brings out. For me there has been so much focus on line and color. How does the paint move me and what feeling does it invoke?

While working on art I like to typically listen to music. I feel there is definitely a soundtrack to my work (life too). I worked in silence on this piece. I focused on the actual sound that the paintbrush makes when you shake the brush off in water in a glass. There is a sound the paintbrush makes when you drag it across the paper and even when you mix your paint. I found it to be so relaxing and I feel as if I was really in tune with the work.

Abstract to Solid Imagery

There are plenty of artists that work from real imagery and then produce the abstraction. When you look at a real tree and then an abstract artist rendering of the same tree, there are relations to look at.

In my work and exploration I paint the abstract  first. There is a color palette that forms and awakens ideas for further interpretation. I also  become interested in the shapes that the free fluid movements produce. There is a story that needs to have form.

2Using the image above I felt this was one of the stories to come to life.  The color combinations came together like fire and ice. The feminine shapes created circular and flowing lines.

I showed these images to another artist that shows his work in large venues and he felt that the pieces needed to be painted MUCH larger than contained in my sketchbook. They should be shown side by side and he said that much of my work is the same way.



Abstraction and Free Association

I have done many abstract pieces but lately I feel that I need to up my game and take things to a new level. I need to practice and play and allow myself to almost approach things as a child. I need to be real and not over think abstraction. I need to treat abstract art almost as a free association but it is not an easy task.

There is another call for art out for an Abstract show and I do have time to really work on something and develop it a bit. Originally I had an idea in my head that I would prepare a canvas to make it appear as it was ripped open and there would be a fantastic red on the inside. The outside would have very natural colors. I do not have a meaning for this that I know of but it must be on a subconscious level. I seem to enjoy art and ideas where things are ripped away to expose the layers. Untitled-2I painted this in watercolor to solidify my idea. In the night I had a strong image of this piece and I saw a backwards #5 as well as circular rings. I decided to use these colors that I didn’t feel that would work well on this play piece. There is something interesting about the colors. I couldn’t figure out where I was seeing this image of the circles in this color from until today. Something about the red and that blue and the circles makes me think of an old comic called Tank Girl. This idea is contrived though because I imagined it and planned it in my head and then put it to paper. Is that a true abstraction?

I took out a clean sheet of paper and decided to work with only one color, Ocher. That was the plan but it eventually became a 3 color piece with white as the background shining through.

10325569_10152387204534321_5649925745768856240_nThis piece was completely real. No plan, vision or idea in my mind, just a paintbrush on my paper. I listened in quiet to the sound of my brush gliding on the paper. The way I clean my brushes in a water glass and the sound of my brush clinking against the wall. I plan on doing more of these as a study and then I will go from there to paint on canvas. The thought of Free Association makes me nervous as I am usually a woman with a major plan. I think of what I want to paint and come up with a major idea in my head. I just do it and pray that I do not mess up and hope my idea works. I feel like it does but something is missing.

All Together Now ~ Postcard Swap #2

All Together Now 5x6 on watercolor cold block Watercolor and Ink 2014
All Together Now
5×6 on watercolor cold block
Watercolor and Ink










Sail the ship, Chop the tree, Skip the rope, Look at me, All together now ~ The Beatles

This was created for Postcard Swap #2  ran by a fellow artist friend .  Postcard size art is a little less constraining than the Artist Trading Cards. I have enjoyed both but I honestly like this size better. It gives me more room to drool everywhere.

I don’t even know where I start with these really. I do not have a plan and just let the paint speak to me. I think on these I feel the most crazy at times because I need to let go of the fear of making a mistake. I mean it’s abstract! You can mess up an eyeball if you are going for realism and your pen makes a huge inky splotch mess on the paper. There is no coming back from that.

I do not draw out any of the elements beforehand so I just start with painting and hoping that the design looks interesting. The funny thing is that sometimes I do not like my under painting at all. Then I draw on it and fall in love.