Smiling my face off on a dreary day

So I had entered 3 pieces of work into a Salon show at South Shore Arts here in Indiana. I had been told it was not easy to get work into and I was a little reluctant to try it. I really hit a low point in my career when I didn’t get a grant I applied for. Of course that was my first grant application AND to be honest I had been drawing and painting here and there but nothing too serious. Now that I got that rejection I have been working my butt off!

I entered 3 pieces into this show. One was the Ozymandias Breaking Bad, Portrait of Walter White Box. However it did not make it in. I saw my paper that said rejected and my heart fell.

for the Portrait show at Studio 659
Ozymandias a portrait of Walter White

I entered a piece similar to this, but it did not have the bubbles and it also did not get in. The word REJECTED seemed to shine off of the paper.

THEN LAST BUT NOT LEAST…. ACCEPTED!!! I almost fell over and had to look at it again to make sure it wasn’t a lie. This was actually the last piece I thought would make it. One of the X-Professors from the American Academy of Art in Chicago helped me pick out the pieces. I like this piece but felt it might piss people off. It is American Love Story from a show called Bad Business that I did earlier in the year. I did a blog post about it here.


I didn’t know how exclusive of a show this really was as I had 2 other friends get in. I am not saying that they are not amazing, it is just that I didn’t really understand the extent. I did meet a few people lately that seemed a little sore that they did not get in. They had really nice work too… everything depends on what the Juror is looking for.

I dropped off my stuff today and found that the gallery was already exploding with amazing pieces of art!! I really feel fortunate to be among them as I look around. Honestly I feel like I might have just been the last one they accepted and maybe my piece was just 10% better than someone else’s work.  Should you be someone that reads my blog you might notice I am not an artist with a HUGE ego that fills a museum. I am really humble and wonder if my work is as good as anyone elses. I even get excited every time I sell a piece and do a happy dance. My stuff is priced to move though and can range from $30.00 – $500.00.

I talked to the curator today and she said that out of over 300 entries only 65 got in. Only 15 will get awards and I do not count on winning any money but I am still glad to be counted to be in this show.


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