Chasing Firelight ~ Getting inspired by mish mashing color on a page

I am gearing up for an Abstract call for Art at the end of the month. One of my art mentors/teachers, Tom Torluemke (<- Check out his art) is encouraging me to paint and paint like a mad woman using colors and just playing then taking shapes and things I like about all the play pieces into the final image. This is what I created…

Chasing firelight

I played with 4 colors only and my plan was really to leave some white on the page of my sketchbook but that never happens. I started seeing an idea in my play. I wasn’t planning on having a figure in the image or even things that looked like faces but I see them. I almost think I overworked this piece which tends to happen with some artists when they do abstracts and just get carried away in the play. I really tend to stick to warm or cool colors in many paintings and do not really mix “weird” colors that do not fit these subconscious standards I have.  I am going to start challenging myself to do this more. I need to leave the fear of an ugly painting behind.

For the opposite page of the sketchbook I decided to paint what I almost see. I went with shapes and just played with the figure in this abstract image I see and this is the result…

fireligth 2I think it turned out really cool and at first when I just played with the watercolor I felt as I almost messed up my sketchbook. I know that must scream loud volumes on my obsessive compulsive disorder (yes, diagnosed). Maybe it is also because it is a book and I want it to be nice because someone might look at it and say, “Gosh I love all these paintings but ew this one is really bad!”

After I laid down some ink I was very pleased. I started with the little ‘man’ figure first. Some of my friends is calling ‘him’ a girl… I think it might be the lines around the head but seriously I drew this as a boy, maybe even a eunuch. I think this image has potential to be a larger piece, but I am not too sure of the balls of light on the right hand side. That is what a sketchbook is for anyway, playing and making ideas!


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