Bulletproof, I wish I was…

Music can be so inspirational and I have always felt it can help you through those times where you just do not know if you will make it. Being at home with an injury for so long it really brings little things in your life front and center. There is no work to bury yourself in because it is all about getting better.

Bulletproof final image
Bulletproof final image

So that is where I have been these past few months. Getting better but I have been focused on my body that is hurting and still is not normal. I have avoided the internet as much as possible, as well as television to give my mind a rest. All I have are thoughts. I started giving myself time here and there to draw because if I didn’t I would have went insane.

What would normally take me a small amount of time took forever! This piece is 16×20 and took more than 4 days to work through. I decided to do a piece on one of my favorite songs from a band called Radiohead.

Untitled-3The lyrics played a lot in my mind.  This was my starting idea for this image based on the lyrics

Wax me
Mould me
Heat the pins and stab them in

I wanted to show stakes at different angles that would almost point violently at the subject. The images almost seeming to melt in areas.  I did put some bullet holes in the imagery as the being wishes they were bulletproof but they are not. I used some design idea here that makes it appear there are teeth all over the image. In the song the lyrics really stood out to me.

Limb by limb and tooth by tooth, tearing up inside of me

This is the basic outline of my design before I started adding texture and coloring in the image. I added text in the background in the completed image. I did it also to add a texture and some dimension.

Untitled-1When I start most of my artwork I like having some form of a plan down first.

This song really speaks to me. It makes me think of someone who has been battered or even bullied a bit wishing they could be a larger force and not so easy to destroy. They have let others tear them down and at the same time they are upset because they have allowed people to do that to them.


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