I’m still Alive!

I haven’t really been on here for some time now. I was injured at work and was coming on the computer for a little bit at a time until I found out that the Doctor wanted me getting 100% total rest and advised against coming online. With a concussion rest is really important. It was strange being so out of touch with Facebook and watching television. I didn’t find out about the missing Malaysian Plane until just recently!!

Now my Doctor said I can have limited computer time and some TV time as well. So I have been working on art when I have been feeling somewhat okay. Sadly an image that would take me a day has been taking me four or five days to complete. It is frustrating not having your health!

I got a nerve block yesterday for my headaches and shoulder/neck pain and today I feel WONDERFUL!!!! So I hope this also means I can go back to work soon! I miss going to work everyday and seeing the people I like. I miss having lunch and laughing about the craziness we see there. Most of all I miss helping families, which is what I feel that my job’s sole purpose is.



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