Ozymandias ~ 1/2 done!

Sky Blue courtesy of some rock sugar candy and colored glass
Sky Blue courtesy of some rock sugar candy and colored glass

So I have a little box that fits into the larger one that I had to situate. I decided to put the ‘meth’ into little baggies as things would be distributed anyway into the background. The baggies are stapled to cardboard and then I drilled holes through the box and the cardboard and sewed them in. I also used adhesive as well.

I really feel that the green and blue will really look amazing in the light! I also put in the chemistry bottles and used the adhesive E6000 to glue those down. Seriously that glue scares the crap out of me! I am always concerned about gluing myself to myself.

Completed side!
Completed side!

Man this looks great in this photo but it is so serious in person. The way the light hits it in a photo doesn’t really do it justice. Everything in first person almost radiates.

I am getting excited and I am already planning on another box. My husband and I just finished watching the season/series finale of Dexter.  I only had Showtime for the first 2 seasons so I have always been behind. Our friend let us borrow the last 2 seasons and I must say though I am WAY behind and most everyone else had to deal with no Dexter for some time now, I am really sad! There are few shows I really enjoy on television and that is honestly because I always know what is going to happen! I don’t know if anyone here has some suggestions but I love to watch TV while working on art.

My current favorite shows — The Following, Teen Wolf, American Horror Story, Criminal Minds, The Walking Dead,  Revolution, Psych, Grimm, Bates Motel, Once Upon a Time (gosh those costumes!)  Grey’s Anatomy and the Vampire Diaries.


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